Guangdong ChiXing factory area of over 20,000 square meters, the production process comprehensive ERP application management software, standardize work processes, so that each link can query and traceability.

Soft Capsule
Guangdong has a star Chi health food GMP certification, in soft capsule production capacity and production management is an industry leader.
More than 10 production lines imported soft capsule, annual output will reach 2 billion.

Solid preparations
Annual capacity of 4 billion tablets
Sachets 100 million package
3 million cans of canned powder
1 billion hard capsules
Effervescent 150 million

An annual output of 300 million capsule
Powder-type annual output of 50 million bales

Nutrition candy
Complete product line, including vitamins, calcium, DHA, collagen and other nutrients, content uniformity and stability, taste good. Sugar-free candy, meet the modern needs of low calorie intake for more people.
Nutrition candy with an annual capacity of 1,700 tons.

Oral (Health Drinks)
Reaching pharmaceutical grade requirements workshop, using imported equipment for production, with an annual capacity of 60 million bottles.

Supporting logistics
Multi-functional automatic three-dimensional storage center, insects and other vermin constant temperature and humidity to ensure the security and stability of the quality of raw materials and finished products.
Rigorous and systematic logistics system, packaging and timely and accurate delivery.